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About Australia Unlimited

Australia Unlimited is the brand identity created by the Australian Government’s Building Brand Australia program.

The Building Brand Australia Program was developed and is administered by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission. The program is designed to enrich Australia’s international reputation by showcasing our broad capabilities and achievements. It does this by sharing stories through the Australia Unlimited website and social media channels, reaching out to a global audience.

The Australia Unlimited identity was developed by M&C Saatchi following industry consultation, a public tender and extensive international and domestic research. This process confirmed there was a need and desire for a contemporary and consistent way to present Australia internationally, especially in a business-focused context.

Australia Unlimited was tested among 14,000 people in 12 markets and was found to effectively project an image of Australia as a confident and globally engaged business partner.

At the heart of the Australia Unlimited concept is the idea that Australia’s development has been forged through its enterprising spirit – the resilience, creativity and unquenchable desire of Australians to succeed, no matter what the challenge may be. It is this natural optimism and sense of untold potential which is captured through Australia Unlimited - a representation of Australia, symbolising our growth and expansion.

Australia Unlimited was developed to be used flexibly, in conjunction with other brandmarks, across government and industry.

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