Barcelon activa

Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa is integrated in the Area of Employment, Enterprise and Tourism at Barcelona City Council; it is responsible for promoting the economic development of the city, designing and implementing employment policies for citizens, and encouraging the development of a diversified local economy.

For the last 30 years it has been a driving force behind Barcelona and its hinterland's economic activity, supporting policies to develop employment, entrepreneurship and business, while promoting the city and its strategic sectors internationally, but from a regional perspective.

1. Jobs for everyone.
Marking a return to strong central policies in the area of employment, contributing to the recovery of the labor market, designing joint strategies to combat unemployment involving city stakeholders and generating quality employment opportunities for everyone, especially for the most vulnerable groups.

2. Economic development and the locally-sourced economy.
Encouraging the development of a diversified and plural local economy, which energizes local communities and promotes sustainability and social innovation, and that supports economic activity while promoting the city abroad in order to stimulate quality employment creation and improve social cohesion. Particularly important is the role of the co-operative, social and solidarity economy and other transforming economies (collaborative economies, community economies ...) and the idea is to promote these types of economy using Barcelona Activa in a far more active sense locally, so it reaches more social sectors.

3. Tourism at the service of the city.
Tourism is a very important activity in Barcelona with a significant economic impact, but it has had important effects on the dynamics of the city. The management of these externalities shows the city’s commitment to developing policies aimed at minimizing any negative effects on the population and maximizing the positive ones.

4. Promoting local commerce.
The promotion of local business as a key economic stakeholder and element influencing sustainability, strengthening the relationship between citizens and retailers in local areas and ensuring a balance of uses.

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