Germany: Aerospace Innovation Hub


A number of great developments are driving opportunities in Germany’s domestic Aerospace sector. The German Aerospace business has enjoyed unprecedented success over the last 20 years.  And also the sector keeps on growing: business analysts forecast that between thirty to thirty-five thousand new craft are placed into service within the next 20 years to satisfy increasing world aviation demand resulting in a brand new golden age of aviation. As a world Aerospace hub, Germany is home to leading players from all civil and defence aviation market segments. Germany is also home to two major passenger airlines as well as one of the world’s biggest freight and logistics carriers.

The aerospace industry has defined the central fields of innovation, key competencies and industrial focal points as part of its technology strategy. Germany is a highly attractive foreign direct investment (FDI) location for companies in the aerospace sector. Within Europe, Germany is one of the most attractive FDI destination nations.

The advantages offered to international investors seeking to enter the German Aerospace market area unit several and varied. Whether or not seeking to enter into production, licensing, venture partnership or analysis and development, Germany’s extremely differentiated Aerospace infrastructure ensures that investors have fast and direct access to any or all of the required resources.

Germany: Aviation Hub

As a world region hub, Germany is home to leading players from all civil and defence aviation market segments. Companies from Germany were concerned within the production of all of those crafts that means that German technology is found altogether traveller craft engineered these days.

Germany: World Class Aviation R&D

Companies active within the German region business invest heavily in R&D, with the business recording one in all the country’s highest R&D defrayment levels relative to overall turnover. Robust business investment levels square measure enabled and in the middle of the presence of a wonderful public R&D landscape with dedicated government R&D support for physics and house. The German region Center (DLR), Germany’s central region analysis body, employs just about eight thousand folks at thirty-nine institutes across twenty locations.