German-Russian Center for Technology Transfer (DRZT)

The founding of the German-Russian Center for Technology Transfer eV (DRZT) was the Hanoverian Economic Developer Hannoverimpuls GmbH and its Russian partner, the International Association of Equipment engineers and specialists in information and telecommunication technologies (MSP ITT initiated).

In close cooperation with the "Russian-German Centre for Technology Transfer" in Russia, the "DRZT" focused on products, technologies, services and research in both countries.

With its central location in Europe, CeBIT and the Hannover Industriemesse, Hannover is an ideal location for the "German-Russian Center for Technology Transfer". Effectively, the objectives set can be realized and new potentials can be exhausted.

Our goals:

  • Promotion of technology transfer between Germany and Russia.
  • Support of German companies in their innovation projects, in the transfer of technology to Russia, as well as in the market closure and settlement in Russia.
  • Support and advice of Russian companies in their activities on the German market.
  • Initiation and realization of projects to promote cooperation in science and research between Germany and Russia.

To achieve our goals, we are working in close coordination with the Russian-German Technology Transfer Centre in Moscow together.

Individual advice and further information can be obtained via the contact details provided.